The Toller is a medium sized dog. The ideal height for adult males is 19-20 inches (48-51 cm) with a weight of 45-51 lb (20-23 kg). Adult bitches have an ideal height of 18-19 inches (45-48 cm) and a weight of 37-43 lb (17-20 kg). One inch (3 cm) over or under the ideal height is allowed. Weight should be in proportion to the height bone of the dog. The Toller has a strong retrieving instinct and is very playful.. Origin These qualities were necessary in Nova Scotia (Canada) where the dogs find their origin. Like other retrievers, the Toller is a hunting dog, bred to retrieve downed birds. The Toller differs, however, from other retrievers by its very specific behaviour. Its playfulness lures the birds within gunshot range, a property called 'tolling'. After the birds were shot, the Toller had to retrieve the birds from the often ice cold water. This is the reason why they have a water repellent coat of medium length with a softer, dense undercoat. It is also why most Tollers love swimming. Working dogs Many Tollers have a slightly sad expression until they go to work, when their aspect changes to intense concentration and excitement. At work the dog has a speedy, rushing action, with the head carried out almost level with the back and the heavily feathered tail in constant motion. They need to be able to work, so if you own a Toller it is important to do some sort of training with your dog. This could be anything varying from obedience, fly-ball, hunting, agility or dog frisbee. Coat and colour The colour of the coat is various shades of red or orange with usually at least one of the following white markings: tip of the tail, feet, chest and blaze. A dog of otherwise high quality is not to be penalised for lack of white. Laska only has a white 'star' on her chest. The coat may have a slight wave on the back, but is otherwise straight. While neatening of the ears and feet is permitted, the Toller should always appear natural. The pigment of the nose, lips and eye rims should match and be flesh-coloured, blending with the coat, or be black. The colour of the eyes is amber to brown. Behaviour The Toller is highly intelligent, easy to train and has great endurance. A strong and able swimmer, he is a natural and tenacious retriever on land and from water, setting himself for springy actions the moment the slightest indication is given that retrieving is required. His strong retrieving desire and playfulness are qualities essential to his tolling ability. Loving and playful to his family, he can be reserved with strangers without being aggressive or overly shy. Aggression is not to be tolerated. More information More information about the breed can be found on the sites of the two Dutch Toller clubs. NSDR Club Nederland (official association) Association of the NSDT Retriever De Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (Toller) Tollers are social dogs, Laska en Ayla