Born 6 April 2003 Parents Father: ZZRedhead of Great Pleasure Mother: Objibwa's Hiniina Perechtinger At the end of May 2003 a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever bitch named Laska Nired van de Echtinger Grift came into our house and into our hearts. Having her is a great pleasure to us and we are very enthusiastic about the breed, commonly called Tollers. It is a little known breed; more information is to be found under Information about the breed. The Picture Gallery has more pictures of Laska. Laska was bred by Linus and Jeanette Bos of the kennel Van de Echtinger Grift. Laska is a firmly built bitch with a dark copper-coloured coat, with relatively little white markings. There is only a white 'star' on her chest. The pigment of her nose and lips is liver coloured and her eyes have a light colour. She has a thick coat with a lot of soft undercoat. She is a friendly, social dog: quiet indoors, outside active and cheerful. She particularly likes dummy training when she is alert and full of passion and concentration, but a ball game excites her enthusiasm as well. And like so many Tollers she is fond of swimming and never misses an opportunity to jump into the water. Shows Laska has been to 5 shows. Her results: Utrecht, 23 September 2006, clubmatch| Excellent Leeuwarden, 28 maart 2005 | 3 Very Good Zuidlaren, 6 maart 2005 | 1 Excellent Eindhoven, 28 januari 2005 | 4 Excellent Leeuwarden, 2004 | 1 Excellent Litters Laska's first litter was born on 8 Oktober 2005. Her second litter in June 2007 and her third litter in Oktober 2008. If you are interested in one of her pups or Ayla's pups or if you have any questions, you can always contact us by phone or e-mail. We are members of the official Dutch Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club. Training Tanja took a lot of courses with Laska. She began with puppy training when Laska was 8 weeks old. After that they followed and completed a number of obedience courses. In April 2004 Tanja started hunting training with Laska which they continue till the present day. Although Laska likes the obedience training, her real passion is the hunting training, where she is completely concentrated. In the beginning she was so eager that she also retrieved the dummies intended for other dogs. Now that she is more grown-up, she restricts herself to what is demanded of her. Laska passed her first dummy test on 10 April 2005, winning the second prize. Now that Tanja and Laska have their C diploma, they are training for their B diploma. Laska Nired v.d. Echtinger Grift Health Hips: HD A Eyes: free of diseases, last eye-examination was on June 11 2009 PRA: DNA-patern A, free of PRA CEA/CH: normal/clearA Laska Nired v.d. Echtinger Grift, December 2004 Laska with her second prize, April 2005 Laska in action, photo: Roberto Rondo