Bo Ghy Lasha van Obergums Hand 8 Oktober 2005 - 27 March 2007 Gender: male Father: Lauvstuas Bluestar Shanty Mother: Laska Nired v.d. Echtinger Grift Bo Ghy, September 2006 The story of Bo Ghy Bo Ghy was born with a form off dwarfgrow, chondro dysplasia. This isn't always bad, Bassets usually have it as a standard in the breed, but it can cause a dog problems. With Bo Ghy fortunuatly this was not the case. But Bo Ghy also got a severe form of epilepsy. A lot of dogs can have a relativ normal life with this desease, but Bo Ghy had attacks very often and very heavy and they could sometimes only be stoped if brought to the vet were they had to anaesthetize him. Bo Ghy's owners tried everything they could with help of a very good specialist, but nothing helped. In the night op 27 March, when Bo Ghy was brought again to the vet, they decided not to wake him up again but to euthanase him. It was a hard decision, but the best thing for Bo Ghy. Bo Ghy was a great dog with a great character and we are very sad to lose him so young and on this way. We want to thank his owners Jack and Renee for everything they did for him. He will be missed very much and he will never be forgotten! Bo Ghy, 6 weeks old Bo Ghy, January 2006